Steps To Becoming a Trader

1. Get around like-minded people

Crush = Become a Member and work with a Crush Pro Team.

2. Develop a deeper understanding of trading and investing

Crush = Start the Crush Pro Trading School.

Start your reading program.

Learn to use the newest tools & technology.

3. Learn to papertrade

Start applying the skills you have been learning, initially without the risk of losing real dollars. Do backtesting and start using a trading journal. Open a Free Demo Forex account and use your new software to practice.

4. Use the support of Crush Pro Trading

Learn from experienced traders; learning from others’ mistakes and successes can be just as valuable as learning from your own. It can save you so much money! Use the meetings, support center, mentoring & coaching programs etc…

Participation is key! Complete the activities to earn your community badges and move up the levels towards Master Trader. The activities are designed to keep you on track to get through the learning process as quickly as possible.

5. Develop your trading plan

Building your own style, with the knowledge and experience you develop through the steps above, and support of Crush and its members. Psychology & discipline will then become your major focus, as these two factors will ultimately determine your level of success.

Read The New Market Wizards – Get a feel for where you can be.

This book is a good collection of successful traders from all walks of life. You will understand that anyone can be successful in this business if they have the desire, and many of them are just like you.