Mental Analysis

Mental Analysis: Develop a Trader’s Mindset

Developing a trader’s mindset is critical to your success. Trading is an unnatural endeavor and you must develop the mental skills to be able to truly accept the risks, make decisions with incomplete information, and create the disciplines to follow your trading plan in order to achieve consistency.

8 Lessons

In this course you will learn what you must do in order to develop a trader’s mindset. It is the aspect of trading that truly separates the winning traders from the losing traders. Trading psychology is a complex subject and as I have learned from the best, I am proud to present to you the work of Mark Douglas, a full time trader, coach and the guy who wrote the books on mental analysis in the trading game.

He has written several books and we will be using “The Disciplined Trader” and “Trading in the Zone” to show you what trading psychology is and the steps you will take in order to develop your mindset as a trader. Sadly, Mark is no longer with us as he passed away suddenly at his home in Scottsdale Arizona at the age of 67. He is gone but will forever be remembered by traders everywhere.