Welcome to the Crush Trading Program

You are about to embark on an exciting journey of discovery and education. One that we are sure you will enjoy.

The primary focus of the Crush Pro Trading School is to teach you the skills to trade, but perhaps more importantly, to help you create a solid foundation from which to further educate yourself in the future. Based largely on the, “Give a man some food and he can eat for a day, teach him to fish and he can eat for a lifetime,” philosophy.

As part of the Crush “Five Steps to Becoming a Trader,” you are now at Step 2, the first step in developing a deeper understanding of Trading and Investing. This step will not only cover the theory and fundamentals necessary in your development, but will also focus on the latest tools and technology, how to use, and apply them to your trading in a practical way.

By starting Step 2, you will begin the process to becoming a profitable and self-directed Trader. Steps 3, 4 and 5 will progress naturally and comprise a large part of your training within the school. As a student of Crush Pro Trading, you will have complete access to the support structures in place to help you develop your trading and to assist you in the ongoing learning process. Use the website, support center, meetings, seminars, coaching & mentoring programs, and learn from the experience of other Crush Traders; perhaps one of the most valuable resources there is: ‘Other Peoples’ Experience.’

The Crush Pro Trading School is built on the premise that practical application and ‘use’ of theory learnt, will better prepare you for trading than simply study alone. Whilst study is important, participation in the practical lessons will give you the chance to try it, internalize it, and ultimately be able to do it!

The real value of the course lies in what you will learn in these lessons. Your mentor is a successful independent trader who will work closely with you through the learning process. Learning from profitable traders who are in the markets ‘now’ trading their own trading plans, will provide you with value way beyond the small cost of this course.

The course is separated into three major sections:

  • Section 1: Getting Started
  • Section 2: Tools of the Trade

  • Section 3: Trading Your Plan

Each section is self-study and made up of a number of chapters, that when completed, you will be able to attend your practical lesson. It is essential that you understand that the key to the course, are the practical lessons!

At the completion of the course there will be a test that will help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses, enabling Crush to further aid you in your quest of becoming the profitable trader that you desire.

Whilst the written part of the course will focus on commodities, you will be learning the skills to trade across all markets, from stocks/equities to foreign exchange (Forex) to commodities or cryptocurrencies.

Technical Analysis was originally developed right here in Japan in the 1700’s and has since become the standard for many traders around the world. And with the recent advances in technology, access to information and the markets that previously were regarded as impossible, make this a perfect time to trade.

Now that you are in the right place at the right time, the only ingredients you will need are;

  1. Someone who knows the skills.
  2. Someone who is willing to teach the skills, and
  3. Someone who is willing to learn the skills.

It is up to you to actively participate in your own learning process, as Crush Pro Trading will continue to work hard to provide a program that will help you achieve your goals as a self-directed, profitable trader.

Happy Trading!

The Crush Pro Team