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Points: 1,000


The Supporter Community Badge is awarded to a Crush Pro Trader who is as happy to work with us as we are with them. They understand that we as a community do our best to help ALL members try to reach our top level of achievement. No trader is left behind and the true secret to success is this: “If you don’t give up, you win.”


This Community Badge is part of the requirement needed in order to move forward on your path and reach our Top Level of Master Trader. Click here for more details.



How to Achieve this Badge

To achieve this badge complete the following activities 10 times or more. Each activity must be completed at least once.
  1. Support an Affiliate
  2. Add Value to Crush Pro Trading
  3. Pay with Cryptocurrency or Precious Medals
  4. Refer a Friend to Crush Pro Trading
  5. Refer a Paying Member


Once you have completed the requirements, let us know and we'll arrange a review with you to issue your badge.


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