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Points: 1,000


The Participator Community Badge is awarded to a member who has taken an active role in the learning process, completing courses and activities, and has developed an understanding of the strategy being trading by their team by completing a backtest. They have also set some clear goals for developing the skills and mindset of a successful trader.


This Community Badge is part of the requirement needed in order to move forward with your training and rise to the level of Beginner. Click here for more details.



How to Achieve this Badge

To achieve this badge, complete the following activities a total of 15 times or more. Each activity must be completed at least once. Click on the activity to access the details.
  1. Log into the Website
  2. Customize Your Profile
  3. Complete a Course
  4. Complete an Activity (Any activity not shown here)
  5. Post a Question or Comment
  6. Complete a Backtest


Once you have completed the requirements, let us know and we'll arrange a review with you to issue your badge.


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