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Points: 1,000


The Advanced Badge is our 2nd highest achievement and is awarded to the Crush Pro Trader who has been trading real money long enough to achieve their 4th profitable month. The trader must also be profitable overall for the year. It is well known that anyone can be profitable for a quarter but to go beyond that you must be disciplined and trade your plan consistently. The member has developed the skills to conquer the psychological hurdles, as well as being a good teammate and mentor to lower-level members both on their Crush Pro Team and out.



How to Achieve this Badge

  1. Achieve profitability for at least 4 months (Doesn't have to be in a row)
  2. Must be profitable overall for the year
  3. Achieve the Participator, Trader and Mentor Community Badges


Once you have completed the requirements, let us know and we'll arrange a review with you to issue your badge.


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