Hello Traders!

Your goal is simple, and that is to become a profitable independent trader.

Below is the path to achieve your goal as quickly as possible. Starting as a Newbie, and working your way up the levels through training, participation, supporting the community as well as your fellow members, and ultimately going “live” and becoming profitable. Saying it was easy would be a massive understatement, but with hard work and dedication, we will guide you through the hardest parts of trading helping you to develop a trader’s mindset. The question is are you up for the challenge?

If you are, then not only will you receive Crush Pro Trading discounts and these wonderfully designed badges as reward, but the badges also represent digital credentials which you can share with anyone to certify you are a technical analyst and an independent profitable trader. All the reference you need to go wherever and do whatever you want in this industry, and we will always be proud that you are one of our own.

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