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Master Trader

Points: 1,000


The Master Trader Badge is our top achievement and is awarded to the Crush Pro Trader for having successfully completed the training, and put in countless hours of backtesting, practice and real trading to ultimately become a profitable independent trader for at least 1 year.


The trader is a certified technical analyst by completing the course “Trading through Technical Analysis”.


Having gone well beyond the minimum requirements to represent Crush Pro Trading both inside and outside the community, demonstrating leadership in working with not only their teammates, but also helping all Crush Members going through the learning curve. Above all the trader is someone we are proud of and will gladly give our support to always.


Open Badge

An Open Badge contains metadata and can be shared outside of Crush Pro Trading. Included in the metadata is the following:
Badge name, badge URL (description), badge criteria, badge image, issuer, issue date, recipient, tags, alignment (standards) and evidence URL


How to Share this Badge

The Master Trader Badge can be shared through social media or kept in a backpack and the link shared wherever is needed.
To share your badge on Linked In or through social media simply click the share button above and paste it anywhere.


You can also store your Master Trader Badge along with all of your other badges in any number of backpacks such as Badgr, Credly etc.


How to Achieve this Badge

  1. Achieve profitability for at least 1 year
  2. Become a certified technical analyst by completing the "Trading Through Technical Analysis" Course
  3. Achieve all 5 Community Badges (Participator, Supporter, Communicator, Trader, Mentor)
  4. Go beyond the minimum requirements to receive the community badges
  5. Receive the approval of all Crush Pro Team Leaders


Once you have completed the requirements, let us know and we'll arrange a review with you to issue your badge.


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